Broadcasts of Note

Intelligence Squared USa lively Oxford-style debate on whether or not to break up the big banks.

CSIS: Cybersecurity: 21st Century Threats, Challenges, and Opportunitieshourlong panel of government/private sector shills making their case. I could not stop shouting at the screen while watching this.

TED: @Mikko – Living in a surveillance stateStrong statement against government surveillance by one of my favorite twitter follows.

Youtube: The Subway Signs ExperimentCute project which made the day of a few train conductors. Quick watch, but worth it.

Brookings: 2014 Midterm Election Preview: One Year OutA few interesting notes here, including Rep. Amash getting namechecked as someone the GOP will primary out.

CSIS: Social Media and Protest Movements in Venezuela: A Blogger’s PerspectiveGood perspective on the issue at hand, interesting and slightly dated given it was held prior to the ZunZuneo revelation.