Readings: Thermal Lens For Your Phone, Brain Stimulation Advanced, Climate Estimate Revised

Android Police: Hands-On With The $199 Seek Thermal Smartphone Infrared Camera (Yes, Really Actually) – “Alright, so you’re intrigued, aren’t you? Is there some big catch here? As far as I can tell, there really isn’t: Seek is legitimately kind of sort of incredible.” – Pretty surprising quality for a $199 phone addon. Would love to get my hands on one myself.

Motherboard: How Zapping the Brain With Electricity Can Help Fight Disease – “…Fox has provided proof that all brain stimulation techniques work by hacking into discrete circuits of brain cells—and that for specific diseases, like depression, all stimulation treatments (that work) tap into the very same circuit.” – I’d love to see even greater strides in brain stimulation, both DBS and TMS. It has some truly amazing potentials, could unlock amazing futures.

Neomatica: Southern Hemisphere Analysis Reveals Global Warming Underestimated By 24% To 58%

“Oceanographers from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have discovered the heat content change of the Earth has been severely underestimated. New calculations suggest that the amount of heat added to the Earth in the last 35 years is 24% to 58% higher than thought, due to poor sampling of ocean temperatures in the Southern Hemisphere. The results have global implications as the ocean absorbs over 90% of the heat due to trapping by greenhouse gases. The implications are that there has been greater net inflow of energy from the Sun, and greater amounts being stored in the world’s oceans.”


Tony Hsieh’s Long Now Talk

I’m an incredibly big fan of the Long Now Foundation’s Seminars About Long Term Thinking. I finally caught up with the one done by Tony Hsieh, Revitalizing a City. Setting aside the problems with his Downtown Project, the talk starts off on an incredible note.

Hsieh flagrantly plugs the ability to tour Zappos and relays an anecdote of one such tour. As he provided escort the guest explained to Hsieh that his wife kept getting boxes and boxes from Zappos but would never tell him what they were. As the tour continues, Hsieh apparently finds the guest has left his side, corralled a customer service rep and had them pull up the wife’s purchase history.

Revealing $62,000 in purchases.

Let me reiterate: during a tour guided by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, they revealed a customer’s purchasing history to her husband.

Hsieh jokes about hoping they didn’t cause any marital problems and moves on. With absolutely no consciousness about what a violation that disclosure is. Indeed, he launches from that anecdote into a full talk on building company culture. What the hell kind of company culture not only allows but facilitates that intrusion? What does that say about Hsieh’s other ventures, especially the Downtown Project?

Sapphire Glass Provider GTAT Files For Bankruptcy

Confused by this news. GT Advanced Technologies filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this morning. In doing so, they lost about 91% of their stock value.

Confusing because Apple has pumped a huge amount of money into GTAT in the run up to the iPhone 6, including the purchase of hundreds of sapphire furnaces. I’m guessing it’s a result of Apple’s surprising decision not to use sapphire glass for the iPhone 6 display after all.

In other words, it looks like Apple just about killed one of their production partners.