Errata: More F35 Problems, Going Supernova and Election Journalism

Bloomberg on United Technologies F35 jet engines being unreliable, according to the GAO. Yet another problem with the F35 – the scope of missteps and overruns for this project continues to amaze me.

YouTube video from “Talks At Google” of a panel run by Molly Lavik regarding her book Going Supernova: The Bold Paths of 101 Superachievers. The panel goes deep into personal stories as well as offering practical advice, and I’ll be kicking around the content in my head for a while to come. Highly recommended, very worth an hour of your time.

Via $abi:


Cecily Strong killed it

Errata: Thiel on Innovation, Greek/EU talk, Goebbels Family Wants Royalties, You Don’t Own Your Car?

Tyler Cowen has begun a series of conversations with thinkers and doers; this conversation with Peter Thiel is pretty fascinating, and worth watching despite the fact that I have vast, huge disagreements with Thiel. (YouTube, 80mins)

Great talk by and with Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis at Brookings themed on austerity, trust and the Greek/EU crisis. (Video and audio at link, 75mins, MP3 here)

Techdirt: Estate Of Joseph Goebbels Using Copyright To Demand Cash From New Biographergeeeeeez… (Article)

Exceedingly scary Wired article on how John Deere and GM are arguing that car owners don’t own their cars, they only have a license to operate the car for the period of the car’s life – due to the software in the vehicle. (Article)

Errata: Ellis on Murder, Oliver on Snowden, Liberalism, Passwords, Linux lockscreen

Great, short video of Warren Ellis talking about murder. The Original Series: Warren Ellis on Murder (YouTube, 4mins)

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver did a fantastic piece on Edward Snowden and NSA spying this week, layering the discussion upon the common denominator framework of dick pics. Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Government Surveillance (YouTube, 33mins)

I am as liberal as the day is long but it’s always good to check myself, challenge where I’m coming from at micro and macro levels. In that spirit, NPR’s recent Intelligence Squared Debate is excellent and important listening. Do Liberals Stifle Intellectual Diversity On The College Campus? (NPR site w/ MP3 download, 50mins)

French TV network TV5Monde was “hacked by ISIS sympathizers” through the sophisticated means of having broadcast an interview with all TV5’s social media passwords in the background. (Article)

Linux computers running GNOME are subject to a CVE in which the screen lock can be bypassed to a terminal. (Article)

We’ll end with my ideal desk setup:


(Traffic monitoring system in I-Forget-What-City. Have totally forgotten where I grabbed this image.)