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Errata: Megacity Fighting, EU Citizenship, Georgia v. DHS, South Korea,

Military Contingencies in Megacities and Sub-Megacities – “After elucidating the nature of urbanization and developing a typology in terms of smart, fragile, and feral cities, we give consideration to the kinds of contingencies that the U.S. military, especially the Army, needs to think about and prepare for. Understanding the city as a complex system or organism is critical and provides the basis for changes in intelligence, recruitment, training, equipment, operations, and tactics.” – I’m reading this later today.

EU negotiators will offer Brits an individual opt-in to remain EU citizens, chief negotiator confirms – As @ManMadeMoon said, “Step 1 to a new, non-geographical nationhood! This is getting really interesting.”

Georgia Secretary of State aggressively confronting DHS over a “penetration of [Georgia’s] firewall.”

Finally seeing a bill to impeach the South Korean president (this whole saga is fascinating to me).

From the International Spectator, the world’s most frequent flight paths.

NASA finally has its own Giphy page.

Via Karen James: “Hey neuroscientists & neuroscience-inspired artists, check out this pattern around a rock in a pond in @AcadiaNPS as it begins to freeze.”

And finally, via ars technica: Millions exposed to malvertising that hid attack code in banner pixels – “The malicious script is concealed in the alpha channel that defines the transparency of pixels, making it extremely difficult for even sharp-eyed ad networks to detect. After verifying that the targeted browser isn’t running in a virtual machine or connected to other types of security software often used to detect attacks, the script redirects the browser to a site that hosts three exploits for now-patched Adobe Flash vulnerabilities.”

Readings: Hard-drive K9, Google DRM Problem, Fingerprint Dating

Ars Technica: Hard-drive-sniffing dog, Thoreau, is cops’ latest weapon on child porn – “Thoreau is trained to identify scents such as metals and other components found in these gadgets.” – Trotting out that old “child porn” argument again to justify any step towards the crackdown on undesirable technology. Given that you explicitly have no rights to data privacy when crossing the US border, I can easily see these dogs finding drives for border patrol to then copy and search without so much as reasonable suspicion, no less a warrant.

Also Ars: Google posts DRM workaround for paid Android Wear appsPaid apps for the new Android Wear system were unusable thanks to their being encrypted and Wear not being able to decrypt them. Amazing that even Google fumbles when it comes to Digital Rights Management restrictions. Another big sign that DRM is more of a hindrance than anything; a stumbling block in the important launch of a new product branch. Seems DRM just isn’t worth the hassle.

TYWKIWDBI: Dutch forensic experts can date a fingerprint – ‘Taking into account the temperature of the original prints’ surroundings, which affects the speed of deterioration, forensic experts can now date fingerprints to within “one or two days”, up to 15 days.’

And a great photo from nucleus: