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Broadcasts of Note: Hidden Fragility, Russia Engagement, Surveillance Landscapes, Randomness, What If

YouTube: Jim Crutchfield at UC DavisComplexity scientist Crutchfield talks about the hidden fragility of complex systems and their implications, such as a vulnerable power grid or insect-driven climate change. Half hour long and pretty down-to-earth/not jargon-filled.

CSIS: Engage or Contain? Future Policy Toward Russia Trilaterally ConsideredTrilateral Commission report launch panel. Worth a listen if you’re interested, but nothing earth-shattering.


YouTubeTrevor Paglen’s 30C3 talk, Six Landscapes – Fantastic talk on landscapes of state surveillance. Incredibly engaging, quite humorous at times.

On BeingLeonard Mlodinow on Randomness and Choice – Great interview with the physicist and writer. Largely covers randomness, with a side-helping of what physics says about free will.


TedRandall Munroe – Comics that ask “What If?” – Munroe’s not quite as comfortable out from behind his comic, but he does a great talk anyway.