Here are a few of my fiction writings available for download. Still working out some formatting issues with the MOBI and EPUB versions, but they should work okay for now.

Edit: Should note while the end-tag of each file lists a different email address for me, my current one is ian.graham.campbell@gmail.com – need to get around to changing out these files. (6/22/15)

Newer stuff:

Report Approved, a short story about technology and surveillance in the form of a police report.

Older stuff:

Short Stories

The Last Voyage of the S.S. Pub Crawl – A boat-born writer’s retreat returns to a very different landscape. PDFMOBIEPUB

Zoners – A young woman with an axe to grind has come to plague-ravaged Mexico to die. PDFMOBIEPUB

Wall Street – Marcus Smith has returned from the grave, like so many others, with a very important appointment to keep. PDFMOBIEPUB


Red’s Story – a supernatural counterfeiter investigates the horrific death of his wife. (first three chapters) PDFMOBIEPUB

Neurovagrant – a cyberpunk-ish dip into future Boston. (first three chapters) PDFMOBIEPUB

Headshot Faery – The first two chapters of an urban fantasy/action novel following half-faery, half-zombie Tasha Triel as she dodges assassins and government agents while trying to find out who set them on her trail. (first three chapters) PDFMOBIEPUB

Hangover Eyes – Jorgen Maddow’s life gets a lot more complicated when his girlfriend’s ex-lover shows up with a former angel in tow. (first three chapters) PDFMOBIEPUB

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